(Sneak Peek) CGS Official YT Application Announcement!

Today i wanted to let you “the consumer” aware we have been working on a new app along side PS4RP, this application will allow you to watch our Daily Uploads, Past Live streams, & Popular Uploads.

Not only you can watch our videos but you can see our new blog system we use to give you information on what’s going on at anytime, you will also be able to have NO ADS shown..yes you heard even if ads are present, However ads aren’t fully gone & may show on specific videos at random.

You’ll be able to also add any videos to “Favorites so you can go back and watch your favorite videos anytime or use the favorite feature to be able to watch later if you don’t have the time to watch a new video and much more!

The application will Soon be available on the Google Play Store For $9.99 and if you donate to PS4RP Project you can get access to the app for free as a gift for donating if you want to donate you can go to the PS4 Remote Play Official Website!

Thanks For Reading!!!

Welcome to Our New Blog System!

Welcome everyone here you can see all the latest important news happening on the Network without having to be left out of the cold, right now we don’t have any news at this time but check back soon when we have something to tell you!